DNS Bind9
(Environement IPv4 IPv6)

1-Update the installation sources
apt-get update
2-Upgrade already installed packages
apt-get upgrade
3-Install Bind DNS
apt-get install bind9
4-Install dns troubleshooting tools (Optional)
apt-get install dnsutils
5-Back up basic configuration file (to keep it clean and ready if needed later)
cp named.conf named.conf.sav
cp named.conf.local named.conf.local.sav
6-Do not modify named.conf but modify named.conf.local
7-Create a subfolder to contain our zones
mkdir /etc/bind/zones
8-Keep a consistent zone file naming
Example :
sismon.fr //for the direct zone
rev.sismon.fr //for the reverse zone
9-Modify named.conf.options for all options like directory, forwarders...
10-Modify named.conf.local in order to declare our zones, zone by zones
11-Create each zone file zone by zones once described in named.conf.local
12-Test the last zone created with either dig/host
To test a resolution :
dig [@nameserveryouwanttouse] nameyouwanttotest typeofreccordyouwanttotest
dig [@nameserveryouwanttouse] -x ipaddressyouwanttotest
host nameresolutionyouwanttotest/or/ipaddressyouwanttotest [nameserveryouwanttouse]

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